Sebastian Toussaint | Alfa Laval High Speed Separators
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Worth making great

Alfa Laval needed a new concept to communicate their offering of Disc Stack Separators for food and beverage. These separators are part of the production chain in different foods and drinks and separate liquid from solid parts. The relevant target group produces products such as olive and other vegetable oil, beer, wine and fruit juice.

In an environment usually very fact-heavy and feature-driven, we suggested an emotional approach, reminding Alfa Laval’s customers what their job was all about: creating meaningful moments in people’s lives, moments worth making great. It’s about creating the greatest experience their customers could have when drinking orange juice, for example. And we wanted Alfa Laval to remind their customers of that.

In order to achieve this, we created a key visual showing a group of people enjoying dinner together, having all relevant industries represented on a dinner table through different end products, such as wine, juice or sauces. We also created industry-specific shots with the same look and feel, showing typical situations where people enjoy juice, for example. For each visual, we also created a short video to be used on different social channels or as part of a presentation. The photos were used for a variety of printed and digital deliverables, including brochures and a microsite.

This approach stands out from an otherwise rather unemotional crowd, addressing feelings every single one of us knows and cherishes.

Created while working as an Art Director at W Communication Agency.

Art Direction