Sebastian Toussaint | Scania Calendar 2019
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Scania Calendar 2019

May 2018
Art Direction

A force of nature

The unmistakable, sweet sound of raw power is turning 50. The feelings that emerge when sitting behind the wheel of a Scania V8 is one of the reasons why these engines have reached legendary status. The Scania V8 is a true Force of Nature.

Scania is a global transport solutions company with 45 000 employees in more than 100 countries. The Scania Calendar has been around since 1961 and operates as part of the global marketing.

The Scania Calendar is considered an exclusive printed matter – appreciated as a gift, or a satisfying giveaway. The content however, appeals to a target group far greater than the recipients of the physical calendar. Scania have a unique and loyal fan base, which allows the content to be spread organically.