Sebastian Toussaint | Sandvik 365
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Art Direction

Sandvik 365

Sandvik Mining, a world-leading provider of equipment, tools and solutions for mining, asked W to develop a global campaign for their aftermarket offering – parts and service. By focusing on numbers, we found an honest approach to communicate the campaign’s messages clearly and in an impactful way.

In the end, everything comes down to numbers: how much can I save, can downtime be reduced, how much more efficient can this drill rig be operated? We focused the communication on Sandvik’s convincing numbers: an approach customers would understand right away. We created highly recognizable visuals with a strong impact by placing large numbers on mine walls, workshop floors and the machines themselves. The campaign rolled out across different markets globally, using digital and printed channels, both internal and external.

I was responsible for the visual concept idea, as well as the execution throughout a broad variety of deliverables: from brochures, print ads, and calendars, to web banners, a web site and a film.

The idea of large numbers on different surfaces was later used at MINExpo in Las Vegas, where we placed large stickers of numbers on actual mining equipment on display at the trade show.


Created while working as an Art Director at W Communication Agency.