Sebastian Toussaint | Sandvik 365 App
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Concept Development, Graphic Design, UX/UI

Sandvik 365 iPad App

W produced an Ipad app collating all the information about Sandvik’s aftermarket offering in one convenient place. It is the go-to solution for any questions related to Sandvik 365 and is appreciated by internal and external users alike. The app includes several ROI calculators to give the user an individual estimation of what they might save in their specific situation if they bought a Sandvik 365 service solution.

As this was the first app designed for Sandvik Mining, the design language had to be developed from scratch, basing it on the guidelines for printed material and the existing website. I was responsible for this, as well as for the successful implementation, where i collaborated closely with an external team of developers (hej, Code & Design!), making sure everything looked and, more importantly, worked the way it was intended.

Created while working as an Art Director at W Communication Agency.