Sebastian Toussaint | Half-Empty
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Bachelor Thesis at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Art Direction, Graphic Design


Fisheries are a hot political topic in the European Union, highly complicated and with many stakeholders involved. Collecting the stand points of fishermen, political stakeholders and scientific experts, I designed Half-Empty to be an easy-read magazine advocating a sustainable approach to the EU’s fisheries policy makers. Bold typography and a clean and calm layout communicate the important points efficiently.

The ecosystem of the ocean is a complex and sensitive one and keeping it in balance should be the foremost goal of the European Fisheries policies, and with many stakeholders involved, including big industrial fishing corporations, it can be a hard task to stay focused on that goal. There are scientific systems and there are the small fishermen, which play an important role for local communities along Europe’s coasts. In Half-Empty, I want to present a balanced view of the positions of all these parties involved and by that making it clear that the sustainable way is the only viable one if we want to have a stable ecosystem in our oceans in the near future.