Sebastian Toussaint | EKS Quiz
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EKS Quiz

March 2018
Art Direction – UI Design – Social Media

An engaging, challenging competition where hardcore fans had the upper hand.

There is more to Rallycross than to just drive fast. As a driver you must know how to play the game. As a spectator, knowing how the game works makes it so much more interesting. EKS fans are initiated. They know about the game as well as EKS and its history.


Mimicking a WorldRX race weekend, we created an online quiz in three stages: Qualification, Semi and Final. The player needed to answer a certain amount of questions correctly to advance to the next stage. The questions got harder by each stage, the last one being solvable only by hardcore fans. Each new competition was promoted on Facebook with a personal invitation video from Mattias Ekström.

By creating a challenging quiz for the real fans, we had highly engaged competitors in all seven countries the competition was run in. The main prize, a weekend behind the scenes in the EKS paddock, may have been motivating as well.