Sebastian Toussaint | EKS Quiz
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EKS Facebook Quiz

EKS, the Rallycross team of Mattias Ekström, needed a tool to engage their fans before the races during the 2018 World Rallycross season. We created a quiz where the main prize is a weekend as a guest team member of EKS.

We designed a mobile-first quiz page with over 100 rallycross- and Mattias Ekström-related questions, that only real pistonheads can answer. By registering via your facebook account, you enter the competition to win the weekend with the team.

Together with a copywriter, I developed the concept of the competition. I created the entire design, both visual and interaction, as well as handled communication with the developers and testing of the site.

Try the game yourself at

Created while working as an Art Director at Boman Communication.

Art Direction, Concept Development, UX/UI