Sebastian Toussaint | Demag Rebranding
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Art Direction, Graphic Design

Demag Rebranding

The crane manufacturer Demag has a long and proud history of producing some of the world’s best cranes. The brand has been split up into different segments, but is still a name everyone in the industry knows and respects. W was asked to unify and reposition the communication of the Demag brand to bring it back to its former glory.

On my initiative, the scope of this repositioning was extended from merely a verbal repositioning to include a visual rebranding, modernizing the look to better represent what Demag stands for.

We introduced a new headline font and redesigned layouts for ads, brochures, posters, redefining Demag’s complete visual identity. We also introduced a new style for photography/retouching and introduced new graphical elements to create Demag’s new unique look. Being responsible for the entire visual part of this repositioning project, I led a small design team at W, and we collaborated closely with the inhouse designers at Demag to make the transition reality.

Created while working as an Art Director at W Communication Agency.