Sebastian Toussaint | About me
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I’m Sebastian, a Stockholm-based art director and graphic designer. I solve business problems with effective, well-crafted design.

What drives me is design as a means of providing clarity.
I thrive on solving complex problems with design, delivering well-crafted experiences and thus, businesses. Using design to make a service more enjoyable for a user, an experience more emotional for a customer and a process more effective for a business.

Maintaining a frictionless brand is challenging in today’s world of innumberable channels. Creating consistent brands across all touchpoints is a highly rewarding challenge to me.

Concept Development0%
Graphic Design0%
Brand Strategy0%


I use all standard design software professionally on a daily basis. This includes Adobe CC, Sketch and Invision. What I don’t know yet, I pick up quickly.

Adobe InDesign CC0%
Adobe Photoshop CC0%
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